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greylock field workers

Fueling the transition.

Are you a manufacturer or utility plant looking to convert your energy source from coal to natural gas? Learn more about how we can support your conversion project.

At Greylock Midstream, we offer advanced midstream services designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturing and data center clients. Our top-notch gathering and transmission services provide true wellhead-to-burner tip solutions to meet the natural gas needs of large-scale end-users.


Our projects are built on time, and we offer flexible commercial options to cater to projects of all sizes. Our experienced team is equipped to operate midstream assets for decades to come, ensuring clients receive the best value for their investment. 


Our team excels at managing natural gas and oil transportation, particularly in the Appalachian Basin and the Rockies. With in-house technical and engineering design capabilities, we operate compressor stations, pipelines, and interconnects with exceptional efficiency. Our specialty lies in navigating energy transportation processes while prioritizing environmental protection and minimizing surface disturbance.


We focus on delivering natural gas to consumers and industrial end users. We offer pipeline systems for oil and gas producers, customized design-build projects for downstream users, and collaborate with large natural gas consumers to deliver turnkey midstream or transportation solutions – all within budget and time constraints. Our expertise and manpower ensure reliable and efficient operations at every step.


Water is a crucial resource for any natural resource development project. We recognize the importance of reliable and accessible water sources, which is why our team is highly skilled in water transportation and sourcing. With access to extensive water resources, we know how to safely and sustainably deliver and remove water from work sites. Trust Greylock to provide the reliable water solutions you need for your project's success.


Ultimately. the goal of producing natural gas and oil is to bring your product to market. We understand the importance of effective gas marketing and getting your product into the hands of the end users who need it. Our team is highly skilled in gas marketing and can help ensure that your natural gas and oil reach the right markets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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