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Recent news and information about Greylock Midstream

Location Factors for a Large Natural Gas User
By following the four strategies outlined below, the location team for a natural gas user can uncover more potential sites, reduce costs, and enhance competitiveness.

It All Starts With Energy

When you look at a finished product, how often do you think about where its journey started? Manufacturing processes create nearly all of the products you use every day ... and they all start with energy.

Manufacturing Starts with Energy
Access to reliable and affordable energy is critical to manufacturing success.

Access to Energy Starts with Greylock
Whether you are working to convert a facility to natural gas or constructing a new site that needs innovative solutions to access energy... Greylock can help.

A New Approach to Energy Savings for Your Next Manufacturing Plant

June 2021

How One Manufacturer Could Save More Than $15 Million by Thinking Outside the Network

May 2021

Who is Greylock Midstream? Get to Know Ryan Deaderick
Fall 2020

Who is Greylock Midstream? Get to Know Kris Hopkins
Fall 2020

Who is Greylock Midstream? Get to Know Joey Chandler
Fall 2020

Who is Greylock Midstream? Get to Know Mike Cochran
Fall 2020

Who is Greylock Midstream? Get to Know Joe Farris
Fall 2020

Creating New Markets for Natural Gas, One Plant at a Time
By: PIOGA Press, May 2018

Changes over the last decade have created tremendous opportunities for natural gas producers across the country and in Pennsylvania in particular.  Pressure to reduce emissions; the economics of using a cost-effective, local product; and easy access to an abundant raw material have motivated power-producing plants to transition from other fuel sources to natural gas..  Read more.

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