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Your questions, answered.

  • What is Greylock Midstream's story?
    Born from upstream experiences, Greylock Midstream, understands the complex challenges that accompany natural gas production, transportation, and usage. Built on decades of experience in the energy industry, we created Greylock Midstream in 2017 because we saw a considerable need in the market for cost-effective and expeditious solutions that provide manufacturers and power generators with the energy they need to operate and for oil and gas producers to get their products to market. Since then, our team of experts has converted formerly coal-powered facilities to natural gas power, constructed pipelines to connect facilities with the natural resources they need, consulted with clients to overcome project development challenges, and much more.
  • What is Greylock Midstream's core competency and experience?
    Our experts are adept at solving really challenging problems and developing new pipeline infrastructure for upstream producers, power plants, renewable natural gas (RNG) developers, and large, gas-consuming manufacturers.
  • Who does Greylock Midstream serve?
    Greylock Midstream partners with companies that produce or use large quantities of natural gas and other feedstocks that require pipeline infrastructure. Examples of our customers are natural gas producers and large natural gas consumers, including power plants and manufacturers of steel, metals, lime, aggregates, chemicals, electric vehicles, batteries, and more. For upstream producer, Greylock can also capitalize and develop new water infrastructure. Greylock also provides advisory services to industrial site selectors and economic development organizations to develop creative infrastructure projects enabling new site selection projects.
  • What makes Greylock Midstream different?
    What makes Greylock Midstream unique is our ability to deliver turn-key solutions. That means we design, build, own, and operate systems using our capital to meet heavy–industry customers' operational demands and needs.
  • Where does Greylock Midstream provide services?
    Greylock Midstream provides services throughout the United States. Although our headquarters are in Appalachia and the Rockies, our footprint is concentrated in the Northeast and Midwest.
  • What are ideal projects for Greylock Midstream?
    Upstream gathering and transportation systems New plant pipelines to serve industrial end-users New carbon dioxide and hydrogen pipelines to serve end-users New water systems for upstream production Renewable natural gas interconnects and pipeline laterals
  • What is Greylock Midstream's typical deal structure?
    Access to energy resources should not prevent project-development visions from coming to fruition. That is why Greylock Midstream offers unique funding alternatives designed to help projects move forward. For example, we can deploy our capital for new infrastructure projects and use our in-house expertise to build and own pipeline assets. This requires zero out-of-pocket CAPEX from the client and provides them with the energy access their project needs. This model allows our customers to focus on their core businesses and shed capital burden, compliance risk, and execution challenges.
  • Does Greylock Midstream acquire other companies or assets?
    Yes, Greylock Midstream is actively looking to grow by acquiring cash-producing assets. Assets of potential interest include: Existing midstream gathering and/or transportation pipelines serving upstream gas producers. This could include carve-outs of larger systems, operating interests in pipeline systems, etc. Pipeline assets serving industrial users such as power plants or large manufacturing operations. Upstream production and integrated assets to expand our upstream business, Greylock Energy.
  • Does Greylock Midstream work with joint ventures?
    Yes, the team at Greylock Midstream is open to joint ventures and partnerships, primarily where we serve as the operating partner and can leverage our decades of operating expertise to meet our partners’ needs best.
  • Why should manufacturers work with Greylock Midstream?
    We can connect your site directly to interstate gas markets, so you benefit from more competitive gas markets and secure long-term price predictability, which eliminates the need to negotiate price increases every two or three years. Our team has helped manufacturers deploy billions in new capital investment and we can apply this experience to help your project be more successful.
  • Why should natural gas producers work with Greylock Midstream?
    Born from an upstream company, we understand the challenges faced by E&Ps and have developed a unique commercial model that allows our producer partners to preserve flexibility and upside. No more massive dedications and rigid drilling timelines. Let us show you what a true partnership is.
  • Why should major interstate pipelines work with Greylock Midstream?
    Greylock is the correct scale with the capabilities to develop “last mile” pipeline laterals. Our team has successfully executed over a hundred interconnects and we have the know-how to efficiently deploy projects faster and at a lower cost to bring new users to your pipeline ecosystem.
  • Why should gas marketers work with Greylock Midstream?
    We help you help your clients become more competitive. Greylock has developed unique, repeatable processes to develop bypass projects to help your industrial customers remain competitive and access better gas markets.
  • Why should industrial site selectors work with Greylock Midstream?
    Greylock unlocks long-term value for your industrial clients by helping them connect directly to interstate gas markets. We can confidentially evaluate your short list of sites and provide actionable options to connect to new and existing infrastructure. See our model featured in Area Development Magazine.
  • Why should economic developers work with Greylock Midstream?
    Greylock helps communities win projects. We will give you a new perspective on connecting to interstate gas markets. This can make your site more competitive for the next manufacturing search. Greylock can quickly evaluate your site and provide options to develop new gas infrastructure at no cost to the end-user if demand is sufficient.
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