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Greylock employees on site

Finally, a better way to do midstream.

Born from upstream experiences, Greylock Midstream provides producers distinctive flexibility and service. We understand the complex challenges that accompany natural gas production, transportation, and usage. Our expertise has been honed over decades in the energy industry where we have been instrumental in connecting hundreds of natural gas end users with the energy resources and feedstocks they need. 


Our talented team of experts with deep, practical experience producing, marketing, and transporting natural gas and our in-house engineering team possesses extensive design experience in processing natural gas as well as operating and maintaining  gas-fired equipment.

So, whether you need to connect upstream operations to the greater transmission network, convert a coal-powered plant to natural gas, or build a new gas or renewable facility to power the world, The Greylock Model can help you complete your project -- on time and on budget.

Who should consider Greylock Midstream?

Large energy users who are siting a new plant with heavy gas demand or considering a plant conversion project from coal, oil, etc.

When should you get started?

ASAP! Pipeline systems are long-lead-time projects due to permitting and regulations (12+ months).

Why we're the perfect fit!

Four reasons.

1. Our creative, experienced and professional team that navigates all challenges that accompany project development.

2. We offer flexibility and imagination, a unique combination among midstream service providers.

3. Our projects are efficient and effective, completed on time and on budget.

4. We have a competitive advantage with our best in-class construction management practices.

What's your project?

You've Got Our Commitment to Deliver

Customer Service

What sets Greylock Midstream apart from other project service providers is our commitment to unmatched customer service.  When you choose Greylock, you receive a dedicated team of knowledgeable experts that deliver creative problem-solving and well-honed project management skills.  Our flexible approach, combined with our unwavering 

commitment to quality, ensures that your project is completed on time and on budget.  That's a customer experience that cannot be found elsewhere.


Whether your plant needs a dedicated fuel source or your project requires reliable access to water, Greylock Midstream offers innovative solutions to help you navigate the challenges that accompany project development. 


Allowing us to manage these aspects of operations for you frees you up to better focus on other areas associated with your project.  In this challenging and complex industry, that's why Greylock can help give your team a distinct, competitive advantage.

& Value

Our team of professionals delivers expertise and value.  With more than 100 years of midstream experience, our team members have managed hundreds of millions in midstream construction projects, and designed or built dozens of measurement, compression and processing stations – oftentimes in difficult locations and challenging environments. This level of experience, combined with our best-in-class, construction-management practices, brings added value to your project and team.

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