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Fueling the Energy Transition for Coal Plant Operators.


In an era when the U.S. urgently needs to boost its energy supply and your coal plant faces the risk of being phased out, Greylock Midstream presents a seamless solution. We provide guidance and expertise to connect your site to the interstate natural gas market seamlessly.


Regulatory shifts and decarbonization objectives have complicated your operations, but we stand ready to simplify your transition. Let us make your journey to natural gas integration smooth and stress-free.


Choose Greylock Midstream, where we specialize in solving the tough problems - making your job, and energy, easy.

Learn how we helped this plant transition from coal to natural gas in under twelve months with high safety standards.

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A dedicated pipeline provides

  • More control over energy costs

  • Predictable rates that don't increase annually

  • Lower cost of monthly service vs. utilities

  • Faster development timelines

  • Less risk of being curtailed

  • One pipeline designed specifically for your needs

30-50% savings on your natural gas costs

Do you know how far your plant is from an interstate pipeline?

Contact us now to unlock your energy potential.

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