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Bridging the Gap with Reliable and Efficient Energy  for Your Business.


Need speed to market? At Greylock Midstream, we understand the unique energy challenges faced by data centers, especially when relying on traditional utilities for power. With grid instability and the high costs of conventional energy sources, it's crucial to find a dependable and efficient alternative.

Choose Greylock Midstream to fuel your onsite power generation. Our dedicated natural gas pipelines offer the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability that your data center needs to thrive in today's fast-paced environment.

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A dedicated pipeline provides

  • More control over energy costs

  • Predictable rates that don't increase annually

  • Lower cost of monthly service vs. utilities

  • Faster development timelines

  • Less risk of being curtailed

  • One pipeline designed specifically for your needs

30-50% savings on your natural gas costs

Why Choose Greylock Midstream over Local Gas Distribution for Your Data Center?

  • Speed to Market: Greylock can move faster than utilities. We specialize in providing dedicated natural gas pipelines, ensuring a constant and reliable energy supply critical for data center operations.

  • Customized Energy Solutions: We understand that one size does not fit all. Greylock Midstream offers tailored natural gas solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your data center, providing both primary and backup power with unparalleled reliability.

  • Superior Reliability and Efficiency: Our expertise in managing and delivering natural gas means you can expect a higher level of reliability and efficiency compared to traditional utility services, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

  • Cost-Effective and Sustainable: Transitioning to natural gas with Greylock is not just about reliability; it’s also about embracing sustainability and achieving significant cost savings over time, enhancing your data center's operational efficiency and environmental footprint.

Our Solutions for Data Centers

  • Reliable Energy Supply: Ensure your data center's operations are uninterrupted with our dedicated natural gas pipelines, providing a steady and reliable flow of energy.

  • Transition with Confidence: Move away from unreliable utility services. Our turn-key natural gas solutions are designed for data centers looking for a more stable and efficient energy source.

  • Sustainability Meets Efficiency: Benefit from the dual advantages of reduced carbon emissions and lower operational costs, setting a new standard for your data center's energy consumption.

Gas utilities are not built for speed and for developing bespoke,  short-life pipelines to service one customer, but Greylock Midstream is.

Share your site coordinates and approximate gas demand, and we will deliver a simple solution that gets you to market faster than your competitors.

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