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Fueling the Energy Transition for Coal Plant Operators.

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save money? Are you tired of relying on outdated energy sources? Look no further than Greylock Midstream, your trusted partner in clean-burning energy solutions.

Our cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions can help you transform your energy portfolio and achieve your sustainability goals. Whether you're looking to convert your coal units to gas or add new gas units, we have the expertise and experience to guide you every step of the way.

Benefits of Converting from Coal to Natural Gas 

There are several important benefits of converting from a coal-fired plant to a natural gas plant, including:


  • Reduced CO2 emissions: Natural gas is a cleaner fuel than coal and produces less carbon dioxide when burned. Converting from coal to natural gas can significantly reduce a plant's greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Improved air quality: Burning natural gas produces fewer pollutants than coal, which can improve air quality and reduce respiratory problems in nearby communities.

  • Greater efficiency: Natural gas combined cycle plants are more efficient than coal plants, which means they require less fuel to produce the same amount of electricity.

  • Cost savings: Natural gas is often less expensive than coal, which can result in cost savings for both power companies and consumers.

  • Increased reliability: Natural gas power plants can be started up and shut down quickly, which makes them more flexible and reliable than coal plants. This can help to ensure a stable supply of electricity even during periods of high demand.

How to Know if Your Plant is a Good Candidate for Energy Conversion?

To determine if your coal-fired power plant is capable of being converted to a natural gas plant, several factors need to be considered:


  • Age of the plant: Older coal-fired power plants may not be suitable for conversion due to outdated technology or equipment.


  • Existing infrastructure: The plant's existing infrastructure, such as pipelines, transmission lines, and other equipment, needs to be evaluated to determine if it can be repurposed for natural gas use.


  • Location: The availability of natural gas in the area surrounding the plant is an important factor to consider. If there is not enough natural gas available or if the infrastructure needed to transport it is not in place, conversion may not be feasible.


  • Regulatory requirements: Environmental regulations and permitting requirements can vary depending on the location and type of plant. These requirements need to be evaluated to determine if conversion is possible.


  • Cost: Converting a coal-fired plant to a natural gas plant can be expensive. The cost of the conversion needs to be evaluated to determine if it is economically feasible.


Overall, a thorough evaluation of the plant's existing infrastructure, location, regulatory requirements, and cost is needed to determine if conversion is possible.

3 Steps to Determine if Your Coal
Plant Can Convert to Natural Gas

  1. Determine if your plant will be co-fired or completely converted to natural gas.

  2. Determine potential gas demand for your chosen technology.

  3. Determine if natural gas is accessible from your existing site..


For a free evaluation, send your site coordinates and approximate gas demand to

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Shawville Gas Conversion Project

In partnership with NRG, Greylock Midstream’s predecessor competitively bid and was awarded the project to design, construct, and operate 19 miles of pipeline to feed the 588 MW Shawville Power Plant that was undergoing a conversion from coal to natural gas.

Project Scope

Project scope included upgrading an existing interconnect with Dominion, construction of new 16” high pressure steel pipeline, a horizontal directionally drilled pipeline bore underneath the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, and a state of the art measurement and regulation (M&R) station that was collocated with the plant.

Project Details

This project involved the repurposing of an existing 16-mile gathering asset and the installation of an additional three miles of 16" high-pressure steel pipeline.


The asset comprised a 19-mile high-pressure plant line that served a large-scale customer and was FERC certificated.


The project was completed in under 12 months from the start of construction and had a total cost of approximately $36 million. The commercial terms included demand and commodity rates, and the design and construction of a bi-directional DTI meter.


A successful 3500' horizontally drilled directional bore for 16" pipe under West Branch of Susquehanna was also completed and, the Shawville M&R station was operated by a Greylock employee.

Why Choose Greylock Midstream?

With us, you get:

  • A creative, professional engineering and construction team to guide you through challenges

  • Our unique commercial flexibility and imagination

  • Projects that are completed on time

  • Incredible value with our best in class construction management practices

The Right Fit for Your Energy Conversion Project

  • Greylock Midstream provides you with comprehensive solutions for large downstream consumers that meet all your natural gas needs, from wellhead to burner tip.

  • As a leading provider of Midstream E&C services, our expert consultants are always on hand to offer advice on fuel sourcing and plant design matters related to natural gas.


  • Our focus on unique personalized service means that we are just the right size to offer our customers the attention they deserve.


  • With a large asset base in close proximity, we are uniquely positioned to provide creative solutions to gas plant supply redundancy concerns.


  • Our large asset base in close proximity offers creative solutions to gas plant supply redundancy concerns including multiple interstate lines and native production


At Greylock, we are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way, so why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals?

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