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Who Is Greylock Midstream?

With over 100 years of combined experience in midstream and upstream services, Greylock Midstream delivers the innovative solutions and unmatched customer service our customers count on to navigate the challenges that come with developing natural gas pipelines, midstream infrastructure, and renewable natural gas interconnections.



What sets Greylock Midstream apart from other project service providers is our commitment to unmatched customer service.  When you choose Greylock, you receive a dedicated team of knowledgeable experts that deliver creative problem-solving and well-honed project management skills.  Our flexible approach, combined with our unwavering 

commitment to quality, ensures that your project is completed on time and on budget.  That's a customer experience that cannot be found elsewhere.


Whether your plant needs a dedicated fuel source or your project requires reliable access to water, Greylock Midstream offers innovative solutions to help you navigate the challenges that accompany project development. 


Allowing us to manage these aspects of operations for you frees you up to better focus on other areas associated with your project.  In this challenging and complex industry, that's why Greylock can help give your team a distinct, competitive advantage. 



Our team of professionals delivers expertise and value.  With more than 100 years of midstream experience, our team members have managed hundreds of millions in midstream construction projects, and designed or built dozens of measurement, compression and processing stations – oftentimes in difficult locations and challenging environments. This level of experience, combined with our best-in-class, construction-management practices, brings added value to your project and team.


Our Services

Greylock Midstream is the premier midstream pipeline company capable of offering the following services.

Gathering & Transportation for Upstream Producers

We will design, own and operate natural gas gathering and transmission assets while working in partnership with your team to solve problems with enviable efficiency.

While it can be tempting to hire an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firm to build your pipeline, this could result in an overbuilt, generic system that’s impractical to operate. With decades of operating experience, our in-house technical and engineering team will develop a turnkey natural gas pipeline system optimizing cost and functionality – all from an operator’s standpoint.

A recent example is the development and operation of 46 miles of dry-gas gathering pipelines with compression in Southwest Pennsylvania.

Gas Supply & Pipeline Development for Manufacturers and Power Generators

Securing access to energy from local gas distribution companies and utilities often comes with inflexible costs and long-term contracts, while large interstate transmission companies are primarily focused on moving only large volumes of gas. With Greylock Midstream’s unique model, you have a highly flexible third option. Innovative manufacturers use Greylock Midstream to connect their plants directly to interstate gas markets and secure long-term cost savings with little-to-no upfront capital expenditures. We can turnkey design, build, own, and operate these projects, so you gain a sophisticated system without having to become an expert in pipelines and manage the compliance burden of a heavily regulated asset. When you partner with Greylock, you get a partner who can execute quickly and is committed to helping manufacturers. You’ll get personalized customer service and responsiveness most other companies cannot provide. One of our latest Pennsylvania-based midstream projects included a coal to gas power plant conversion in which we designed, constructed, and operated 19 miles of FERC regulated pipeline.

Infrastructure for Site Selection and Development Projects

Many prime industrial sites are immediately eliminated in site selection searches because there’s a misunderstanding or lack of awareness around access to existing interstate pipelines. Far too often, communities and companies are told service isn’t available, resulting in missed opportunities. Greylock Midstream can quickly and confidentially evaluate high-priority industrial sites to determine the viability and cost of adding infrastructure to support new industrial and manufacturing projects. Greylock Midstream has used a novel approach to successfully uncover new opportunities for communities responding to RFPs and for multi-billion-dollar consultant-led site selection projects.

Gas Marketing

Greylock has an expert team in gas marketing, ensuring our upstream customers’ products reach the end-users who need them. Likewise, our marketing team can also help manufacturers and power generators with gas-sourcing strategies that make sure the lowest-cost molecule arrives at their plant.

Water Infrastructure

Water access is crucial to the development of natural resources. Our access to extensive water resources and industry-leading knowledge of safe and sustainable water transportation means we can develop new water infrastructure to effectively deliver and remove water from work sites in sustainable ways.

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Whether you need a natural gas energy transmission network or infrastructure for energy transition technologies, Greylock Midstream is the best team to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your next energy infrastructure project.


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